My name is Julian Veverica and I´m actually a professional musician. Nowadays I´m Associate Principal viola player in Brno Philharmonic Orchestra. As a violist, I had the opportunity to work with several European Orchestras as a solist, I had the privilege to create various recordings with Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra and you can still meet me on the stage.

In recent years, however, I have decided to give more attention to the presentation of carefully selected and already internationally renowned czech and slovak performers who are ambassadors for the development and promotion of art at the highest level.

Experience has confirmed to me many times that the most interesting of the world of art is like a hidden treasure that is not in strong marketing and promotion. His discovery is often surprising and accidental. All the more we live in a time that is demanding and extremely competitive. It is difficult to recognize the boundaries between art and entertainment. WeArtStudio artists are just such a treasure that is not yet revealed for most of the world, but it brings together attractive projects along with the highest artistic quality.